You went way beyond the call of duty to bring the aerator all the way to my point of surrender. I really appreciate your well as saving me the delivery expenses. I’m certainly willing to “sing your praises”…but not literally. That wouldn’t help you, but I’m open to offer my experience at any time. I wish you the best with your business. We’ll be installing the unit this weekend. Again, thanks again for your beyond fantastic service.
— Terry Stuart, Customer
Dear people of Keeton Industries, it is now 2 years since we have been on your Aquatron and sludge reducer program. For over 25 years we were controlling our pond with chemicals like Aquathol K and copper sulfate. I must admit I was hesitant and skeptical at first at the claims you were making. You must be commended on your advice and products. This is the first year without using hard chemicals that I did not have to cut any weeds in my pond other than the filamentous algae, and my weed problem is gone. My pond is clearer and thriving. The only thing I did in the early April other then adding your products every other week was to put in pond dye. 1000 thank you’s again.
— Steve Hoffman, Manager for Hoffbar Farms
We installed a Keeton TR-9 aeration system in a large HOA commons area pond, and started a microbe application program using Keeton Industries Waste & Sludge Reducer beneficial microbes. When we started applications the pond was 5-6’ deep, with an average of 3’ depth of organic muck throughout. After 3 years of aeration and consistent application of Keeton Industries Waste and Sludge Reducer microbes, the 3’ of sludge is gone and we can see gravel! Absolutely amazing! We estimate we saved the HOA over $200,000 in dredging costs.
— John Fonseca, Advanced Aquatic Solutions Napa CA
After trying multiple products to knock down high ammonia levels in our trout rearing hatchery, we used Keeton Industries’ Aquatron Cold Water product. This is the only product we have ever used that effectively reduced ammonia concentrations in our facility, with consistent 50 degree water temperatures.
— Ron Bright, Chaulk Mound Trout Hatchery Bridgeport NE
System has been in operation for almost six weeks and pond is back under control. I have been using the Aquatron and WSR, alternating them weekly for the past three weeks. The pond looks as good as it ever has and I
feel like it will continue to improve. Thanks again!
— Customer David Laton