Ponds/lakes under 2 acres:

SB1 – SB2 Models


Ponds/lakes up to 4 acres:

SB3-SB 4 Models


Benefits of Battery Backup Solar Aeration:

  • Improve Water Quality

  • Enhance Water Clarity

  • Improve Dissolved Oxygen

  • Increase Fish & Aquatic Life

  • Remove Bottom Sludge

  • Decrease Offensive Odors

  • Solar Powered

Battery Backup

The battery back-up enables the system to run at night or during extended periods of poor weather. Solaer™ is designed to operate 20 hours per day and has enough battery capacity to run the system up for days without sun. Solaer™ systems include solar panels with pole mounting bracket, a specially designed, energy efficient compressor, a high volume cooling fan, a fully adjustable aluminum manifold, Duraplate™ diffusers and self-weighted Alpine™ tubing.

How to Install:

How to set the Digital Timer


U.S. Patent #s: 6,676,837 B2; 10,022,688 B2; 8,529,764 B2