Solar Aeration to Reduce Carbon Footprints

Keeton Industries’ solar powered aeration is a highly requested product that is significant in reducing carbon footprints. Patented and with the best quality in the market, solar aeration has been used in many parts of the United States and other southern states when it comes to pond maintenance.


Keeton Industries is a family-owned and managed aquatics manufacturing company. Since its founding in 1972, Keeton Industries continues to support pond management naturally healthy aquatic habitats, fisheries, lakes and waste water facilities. They create and develop the best equipment and technology available to improve the surroundings and help the world’s population. Their innovative aeration system designs and environmentally-friendly beneficial microbe technology continue to keep them at the forefront of the industry.

In fact, the TexasPondManagement has made a testimonial on YouTube regarding the solar aeration system benefits. It will not only protect the fish from fish kills but it will also develop water quality by not allowing thermal stratification and stagnation. The solar aeration is significantly essential in maintaining a healthy and clean pond in many parts of the United States that is also beneficial and eco-friendly due to its solar powered feature. Pond owners must be aware of this solar aeration system and its advantages to keep a healthy pond while reducing carbon footprints.

Keeton’s solar aeration systems is characterized by a proprietary 24V EcologicalFlow compressor that gives the best mix of pressure, airflow and low electricity consumption allowing these systems to work in various conditions. The digital timer and electrical components are suitably enclosed in a water-resistant electrical box. The battery backup and solar array is constantly observed by the ProStar charge controller. The 24V battery backup features Gel Filled Glass Mat and Deep Cycle batteries that give optimal performance whether in cold or hot climates. The fully adjustable aluminum manifold permits for effortless system control and balancing with Duraplate diffusers. All components are enclosed in a 100% recycled plastic cabinet with sound reducing acoustical foam. That’s the reason why the solar series of aeration systems are the quietest on the market today.

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