Announcement: New Vice President of Business Development


Keeton Industries is pleased to announce that Jeff Spillars has joined the company as Vice President of Business Development.  Jeff comes to Keeton with over 20 years of sales, marketing and operations experience in the aquatics industry specializing in water treatment technologies.

He has developed over 300 products and four major brands for the aquatics, pet, lawn and garden, household chemicals and automotive markets that can be found in Walmart, PetSmart, PETCO, Tractor Supply, Kroger and over 2000 independent dealers and distributors.  Most notably, Jeff created the CrystalClear® water treatment product line that is widely considered a top three brand in the aquatics space.

Jeff holds a degree in Marketing from Oklahoma State University and is an avid supporter of OSU’s football and basketball programs.  His sons, Ryan and Hayden are both Engineering students there and he also met his wife, Michelle at Oklahoma State on a blind date.

Jeff will be working closely with Keeton dealers on projects as well as developing new products and marketing initiatives to build on Keeton’s quality and value reputation in the marketplace.  If you have any aeration and/or water treatment projects that he can assist you with give him a call at 918-508-9471 or email him at 

Shallow pond aeration

Shallow pond aeration

The typical aeration diffuser module in the pond aeration industry is a EPDM disc style diffuser adapted from the waste water treatment industry.  They are proven to be efficient and durable, with a long life.  However, if your pond is shallower than 4-5’, the disc style diffuser may not be your best option. The disc diffuser emits the bubbles in a circular pattern, which then spreads as they rise to cover an ever-larger area of the pond. However, if your pond or one area of your pond is less than 4-5’ in depth, the residence time of the bubbles is not ideal.  The large bubble plume rising from the disc does not have time to spread, due to the shallow water depth.  As a result, the mixing and aeration coverage area for that diffuser is reduced as the water becomes more shallow.

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