Beneficial Bacteria Work


Lake and pond environments are highly dynamic ecosystems that rely on natural processes to maintain natural order. Under normal conditions, proper water quality is achieved through the activity of naturally occurring microorganisms, most importantly beneficial bacteria.

Today, most ponds and lakes are bombarded with excess nutrients from multiple sources, including urban and rural runoff, fertilizers and waterfowl. Unfortunately, the naturally occurring bacteria cannot keep up with this influx of nutrients. This leads to a shift in the natural balance in ponds and lakes and encourages the buildup of bottom sludge. All of the microbial species we use in our products occur naturally in most ponds and lakes.

Although specialized, they have trouble maintaining large populations and are easily pushed out by other bacteria that do not perform the same beneficial processes. By adding Aqua-Tron and/or WSR, it is possible to maintain very large populations of specialized microbes that can constantly “graze” on excess nutrients and organic sludge. Over time, the beneficial bacteria populations will return to natural levels, so it is important to reapply them every two weeks to keep the populations high.

Beneficial Bacteria Development



Through years of field research, Keeton Industries has identified several special microbial strains uniquely capable of remediating specific, detrimental water conditions. All beneficial bacteria are blended using single-species cultures to ensure optimum growth and to avoid contaminants, before the different species are blended together.

All bacteria are cultured under EPA approved laboratory conditions and each step of the process is documented for quality control purposes. After culturing, drying and preservation, the super-concentrates are blended for final processing. The microbes are then blended with trace elements and a nutrient base, finished as a bulk product, and packaged into 8-oz. water-soluble packets. Samples are retained from every batch for quality control testing to ensure the product is safe and effective.

 Keeton Industries maintains complete control of our microbial products from fermentation to final packaging. Having the ability to control this in-house allows us to produce the highest quality products on the market today.