Our beneficial microbes are available in two sizes, 10 and 25 pound buckets. Inside the buckets, the microbes are conveniently packaged in 1/2 pound, water-soluble bags, which makes their application very easy. All of our microbes are safe, eco-friendly, all-natural, and made in the USA.


Pond and Lake Clarifier


Aqua-Tron® has been developed to provide you with clean, clear, beautiful water. The build up of excess nutrients causes pond and lake Eutrophicaton, which is very unsightly. Aqua-Tron is composed of unique classes of beneficial microbes known to rapidly metabolize excess nutrients, pulling them from the water column, returning the water to a naturally healthy and visually pleasing state.

  • Improve Water Quality

  • Reduce Excess Nutrients

  • Create a Balanced Ecosystem


Aqua-Tron™ Cold Water Formula

Effective in Cold Water


Aqua-Tron™ Cold Water Formula, has been developed to provide you with same wonderful benefits of the original Aqua-Tron; clean, clear, beautiful water, except the microbes thrive in cold water. Keep your water healthy all year long and prevent the build up of excess nutrients during the cooler temperatures.

  • Most Effective in 52°F/11°C and Below

  • Improve Water Quality

  • Reduce Excess Nutrients

  • Create a Balanced Ecosystem


Waste and Sludge Reducer™


Reduce Pond Bottom Sludge

Waste & Sludge Reducer™ (WSR™) was developed to target the build-up of organic material and bottom sludge in ponds and lakes. As this material accumulates, it forms a layer on the bottom that, when left unchecked, will contribute to the degradation of the water body. WSR rapidly consumes this layer, which helps improve the water quality. WSR is also very effective at eliminating offensive odors, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and organics.

  • Reduces Bottom Sludge

  • Reduces Odors

  • Reduces Suspended Solids

  • Reduces Organic Waste


WSR – Smart Pellets™


Target Sludge Build Up

Waste & Sludge Reducer-Smart Pellets™ target nuisance sludge in high use and high visibility areas. Pellets sink and slowly release beneficial microbes and enzymes for rapid and lasting effects.

WSR Smart Pellets™ are for targeted sludge removal around shorelines, beaches, ramps, swimming areas, docks, high use areas and any area where sludge is a nuisance.  These highly concentrated pellets are designed to remove sludge faster than ever.

  • Reduces Organic Wastes and Bottom Sludge

  • Effectively reduces nitrogen

  • Lowers TSS, NH3, NO2, BOD

  • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane Gas Odors

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