About Us


Based in Wellington, Colorado, Keeton Industries, Inc. is a family-owned and operated aquatics manufacturing company. Since its founding in 1972, Keeton Industries continues to promote pond management naturally healthy aquatic habitats, lakes, fisheries and waste water facilities. We create and develop the best technology and equipment available to improve the environment and benefit the world’s population. Our innovative aeration system designs and eco-friendly beneficial bacteria technology continue to keep us at the forefront of our industry.

Our Green Approach

Keeton Industries is an earth-friendly company whose product line includes solar aeration systems and all-natural beneficial bacteria. Since the 1970s we’ve worked hard in developing products that help keep our waters clean in a way that gives back to the earth at every turn.

The Products

Our company’s founder, Jim Keeton, spent many years researching and developing environmentally friendly methods for improving pond and lake water quality.  From beneficial bacteria to solar-powered aeration systems, we put the earth first throughout the entire product development process. 

We prefer biological products that work with the natural ecology of the body of water, restoring the balance of nutrients and enhancing the waters’ ecological systems in a natural and long-lasting way. Using oxygen to naturally aerate the water is another of our earth-friendly approaches that gets you the results you want without any negative impact on the environment. Even our aeration system cabinets are made from 100% recycled plastic. Our beneficial microbial products are made from all natural nutrients and ingredients.

Our focus at Keeton Industries is to provide you, our customers, with quality products, excellent service, comprehensive technical support and cost-effective solutions.

The Company

In the office, we work hard to protect the environment, too.

  • The office is supplied by renewable energy. Heat comes from a “corn burner stove”; a technology that provides a safe, clean burning, affordable heat from burning corn, cardboard pellets, agri-pellets and such diverse fuel as cherry pits.

  • Not only do we recycle most of our glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard waste products, but we also ship our products in recycled containers to reduce the amount of paper products we use.

At Keeton Industries, protecting the earth has always been an integral part of our business plan, even before being green was all the rage.