the Leader in integrated pond & Lake
Management for decades

Keeton Industries has been a leader in integrated pond and lake management for decades. As a result, we have the experience and knowledge to tackle every aspect of the business. We also take a great amount of pride in being attentive and responsive to our customers’ needs. Based on current technology and customer input, we’ve designed and engineered the best pond and lake aeration systems in the industry.  Furthermore, our R&D department has developed the most effective, eco-friendly beneficial microbe products that you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking to create or maintain a beautiful and vibrant pond or lake, you’ve come to the right source.


Beneficial Microbes


Pond & Lake Clarifier

Aqua-Tron™ Cold Water Formula

Most Effective in 52°F/11°C & Below

Waste & Sludge Reducer™

Reduce Bottom Sludge and Odors

WSR Smart Pellets™

Smart Pellets target & remove waste & sludge

Aeration Systems


Electric Aeration Systems

Quiet Line™ Series is without a doubt the Quietest Electric Aeration System on the market. 


Solar Aeration Systems


The patented Solaer™ Aeration Systems feature backup battery for critical night time run. In fact, there is enough battery capacity to run the system up to three days without any solar input.


Dye & Accessories


Alpine Blue Aquatic Dye

Create a natural, healthy looking lake environment.



Looking for a Level-Aer™ Equipment Pad (pictured)? Or Alpine™ Self-Weighted Feeder Tubing? More Diffusers or a Repair Kit?


We installed a Keeton TR-9 aeration system in a large HOA commons area pond, and started a microbe application program using Keeton Industries Waste & Sludge Reducer beneficial microbes. When we started applications the pond was 5-6’ deep, with an average of 3’ depth of organic muck throughout. After 3 years of aeration and consistent application of Keeton Industries Waste and Sludge Reducer microbes, the 3’ of sludge is gone and we can see gravel! Absolutely amazing! We estimate we saved the HOA over $200,000 in dredging costs.
— John Fonseca, Advanced Aquatic Solutions, Napa, CA

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