6 Reasons to Deice Your Pond or Lake in the Fall:

The benefits of deicing your pond with a Keeton Deicing Aeration System are numerous. But to enjoy those benefits throughout the winter, it’s imperative that you start the process before the water freezes.

  • Prevent Fish Kill

  • Prevent Boat Damage

  • Prevent Damage to Docks
    and Boat Launches

  • Attract Water Fowl

  • Improve Water Quality

  • Reduce Pond Odors


Keeton Industries aeration systems

Solaer Deicing aeration system

Solaer Deicing aeration system

A correctly designed and installed pond deicing system has multiple benefits; some of those benefits extend to 12 months of the year.  For instance, improved water quality, reduced sludge/muck accumulation, better fish survival year around, and pond odor reduction.

There are two methods used to deice ponds on the market.  One is mounted propellers (ice eaters) that direct water flow from the warmer lower reaches of the pond to the surface.  The warmer water reduces ice formation. 

Keeton Industries addresses pond deicing with a more efficient process.  Our micro-bubble aeration diffusers create a water flow as the bubbles rise to the surface. The air in the water column makes the water lighter, so the warmer water from the bottom rises up to the surface, reducing ice formation. 

Electric Deicing Aeration System

Electric Deicing Aeration System

Both methods of deicing will work well, the primary difference is in power consumption.  Since air has a much lower mass (weight) than water, it takes less horsepower to pump the air than it does to pump the water with a propeller. 

Other advantages of deicing with air bubbles:  no power in the water, longer line runs are possible with air tubing than with a power cable (more flexibility in placement), and of course easy maintenance with the equipment on the shoreline instead of in the water.   

If you’re interested in checking into the advantages of pond deicing, and design and cost factors, contact Keeton Industries for a free estimate!